California Paints Talks Yellow and Hide

What would be worse than a paint with bad flow and leveling  that lets the previous color show through? “You can run but you  can’t hide!” Yellow and red—formerly the colors of The Paint  Dealer logo, were known for their bad hide. “Typically, a color like  bright yellow normally takes 5 or 6 coats to hide,” says Maryellen  Mantyla, Vice President of Marketing at California Products  Corporation.

Her company has been working on ways to get the job done  faster. California Paints, tinted with Trillion® Super Strength Colo  rant, will cover with fewer coats,” she reports. “Traditional tinting  systems require the use of extra colorant to achieve the desired  hide. Trillion’s super strength opacity is visible using less colorant,  allowing the paint’s original features to perform as intended.”

You have to go to California so to speak to get it. “Trillion  is the only colorant system in the Western Hemisphere that has
3.5 to 4 times the strength of conventional colorants and vastly  improves paint performance. It is exclusively available from Cali  fornia Paints,” says Mantyla.  Once you overcome its dangers, you’ll add good cheer if you use  it correctly. “Any bright color changes the mood of a room,” she  says. “Overall, yellow creates the feeling of cheer and warmth in  a space. It is a very versatile color giving off a playful, optimistic,  easy-going effect that can be used on many interior and exterior  surfaces.

Here’s where a little expertise comes in make sure the yellow  they pick will accomplish your customer’s goal. In fact, you might ask them how they want the room to feel, so they  can edit their yellows down to what will accomplish it. A customer might love a color on the card, but make sure she  or he understands what will happen when you take that 1×1 square and roll it up over a whole room. “When working  with yellow, but sure to identify the undertone color,” Mantyla explains. “Yellows with acidic undertones may give  a harsh appearance while yellow shades with softer undertones of green  or brown allow for a room to stay light and warm while eliminating an  overly intense feeling.

For added highlight, blend in a range of metallic and monochromatic  accessories, she suggests. “Choose textiles in a contrasting neutral, and  break up walls with clean white trim.”

Box your paint

For customers who want to adventure slightly outside the box, but  want enough room to crawl back into it, you can pair up yellow with  a neutral. “Buttery palettes of yellow like California Paints’ Curry and  Craftsman Gold paired with muted neutrals are trending in kitchen and  living areas to add elegant charm and energy,” says Maryellen. “Bright  pops of color are now widely embraced in the world of interior design,  creating dramatic contrast when paired with cream, gray, black and  white.

“Certainly one of the most popular trends this season is the gray, white,  and buttery yellow trio,” she continued. “Not only are we seeing it in  interior design, but also in fashion and exterior paint trends. Yellow also  pairs nicely with burgundy and brown based shades for a more classic  look. Another combination for those not afraid of to make a statement is  a mix of golden tones with orange balanced with complements of black  and cream.”
And who doesn’t like to spread some butter on occasion?
Photo Courtesy of California Paints.