Ultraplate Trim & Cabinet Enamel Ultraplate Trim & Cabinet Enamel is a satin finish with outstanding leveling and adhesion characteristics. Ultraplate provides a factory like finish on cabinets, doors and woodwork. Its remarkable adhesion properties … See More
AllFlor AllFlor Porch & Floor Enamel AllFlor Porch & Floor Enamel products are durable, formulated to provide maximum performance with a water-based, low gloss finish. It’s maximum color retention, breathability adhesion and blister resistance properties make … See More
Nextech Waterborne Alkyd Interior Finish NexTech Waterborne Enamel is an alkyd dispersion representing the next step in waterborne alkyd technology. NexTech premium enamels incorporate all of the positive attributes of alkyd/oil based paints with the … See More
Texture Paint This heavy bodied finish can be used to create unique and distinctive textured patterns on ceilings and walls. It will hide hair line cracks and minor imperfections and may be … See More