Ultra Aquaborne Ceramic Interior Interior Paint Ultra Aquaborne Ceramic Premium Finish is a 100% Acrylic Ceramic microsphere finish that offers superior washability and stain resistance. This ultra-washable finish coating boasts exceptional mar resistance and superior stain … See More
Ultra Aquaborne Ceramic Kitchen & Bath Kitchen & Bath Interior Paint Ultra Aquaborne, the finest interior paint, formulated for the kitchen and bath. Ultra-Kitchen and Bath with Nanokote technology is a premium durable finish coat that is mold and mildew resistant* … See More
Fres~Coat Interior Paint & Primer Unite Premium Interior Paint & Primer Fres~Coat 100% Acrylic Paint and Primer in one is a premium smooth flowing, quick drying latex finish paint that is used for interior walls and ceilings. This product line contains … See More
Verde Premium Interior Paint Verde 100% Acrylic Interior Finishes are the finest performing, Low VOC* coating products available today. Verde’s Low VOC* formulation is built for superior surface performance and ease of application. Additional … See More
Malibu Interior Premium Interior Paint Malibu Premium Interior Paint is a line of high performing, low odor*, acrylic interior finishes that are designed for ease in application. Malibu’s anti-spatter and quick drying properties make it … See More
CalPro Interior Paint Interior Paint CalPro Interior Paint series is a smooth flowing, anti-spatter finish for use on walls and ceilings in homes, apartments, condominiums and commercial spaces. This paint is easily applied by brush, … See More
CalPro Interior & Exterior Paint Interior & Exterior Paint CalPro Interior/Exterior paints are smooth flowing, anti-spatter coatings appropriate for use on both interior and exterior walls in homes, condominiums, apartments and commercial structures. They are highly washable, alkali & … See More
CalPro Low VOC* Paint Low VOC* Paint CalPro Low VOC* Interior Paint is a professionally preferred, low odor* interior finish that provides easy application with exceptional hide. Quick drying and anti-spatter qualities allow rooms and offices painted … See More
ProPaint Interior Interior Paint PROPAINT Interior professional paint series is a set of smooth flowing, lightly washable finishes formulated for most wall applications. This versatile product provides high hiding and excellent application characteristics on … See More
Preference Interior Interior Paint The California Paints Preference line of interior coatings is an economical, professional series of paint perfect for residential homes, apartment buildings and commercial spaces. The rapid-drying finish is a good … See More
Preference Interior & Exterior Interior & Exterior Paint Preference Interior & Exterior Paint is a professional preferred series perfect for a maintenance-free, dirt resistance finish. This multipurpose, flexible coating is perfect for wood, drywall, plaster, masonry and even … See More
Ultraplate Trim & Cabinet Enamel Ultraplate Trim & Cabinet Enamel is a satin finish with outstanding leveling and adhesion characteristics. Ultraplate provides a factory like finish on cabinets, doors and woodwork. Its remarkable adhesion properties … See More
AllFlor AllFlor Porch & Floor Enamel AllFlor Porch & Floor Enamel products are durable, formulated to provide maximum performance with a water-based, low gloss finish. It’s maximum color retention, breathability adhesion and blister resistance properties make … See More
Nextech Waterborne Alkyd Interior Finish NexTech Waterborne Enamel is an alkyd dispersion representing the next step in waterborne alkyd technology. NexTech premium enamels incorporate all of the positive attributes of alkyd/oil based paints with the … See More
Texture Paint This heavy bodied finish can be used to create unique and distinctive textured patterns on ceilings and walls. It will hide hair line cracks and minor imperfections and may be … See More