Ceiling Whites Diamond Ceiling White Flat Diamond Acrylic Ceiling White is the highest quality ceiling white available today. The anti-spatter formulation provides the industry standard for whiteness, hiding power, adhesion, color retention, and leveling. This product … See More
Ceiling Whites Muralo 268 Ceiling White Flat Muralo 268 Ceiling White is a premium residential anti-spatter ceiling paint. This bright white has a light absorbing, non-glare, level finish designed for production application. See More
Ceiling Whites Malibu Ceiling White Flat Malibu Acrylic Ceiling White is a high quality, low odor* interior ceiling paint that provides excellent application and whiteness. It is great for inhabited areas as it is anti spatter … See More
Ceiling Whites California Ceiling White Flat California Latex Ceiling White is an anti-splatter, smooth flowing general purpose ceiling white. It provides a high hiding smooth finish and uniform appearance with high production application. See More
Ceiling Whites ProPaint Ceiling White Flat ProPaint Ceiling White is a smooth flowing general purpose ceiling white formulated with the professional applicator in mind. Quick drying with a flat, uniform appearance, ProPaint Ceiling White combines good … See More
Ceiling Whites Ox‐O‐Flow Cal Coater Flat Ox-O-Flow is a high hiding flat oil base paint developed to prime and finish most porous surfaces in one coat. Ox-O-Flow’s unique formulation allows application over calcimine, casein and other … See More