ProPrime offers acrylic, oil based and zero VOC* primers and sealers. Professionally preferred, ProPrime primers provide a high-hiding, quick drying, professional look. Anti-spatter and low oder options make it a perfect choice for occupied spaces.

ProPrime CalPro Exterior Acrylic Primer No Sheen This acrylic latex base coat has been formulated for use on new or unpainted wood, wood from which paint has been removed, bare concrete and masonry surfaces. This flexible breather … See More
ProPrime CalPro Exterior Alkyd Primer No Sheen This oil base primer provides even holdout for both latex and alkyd-oil finish coats. It will inhibit bleeding stains from bare woods and from discoloring the finish coat. See More
ProPrime CalPro Low VOC* Primer & Sealer No Sheen CalPro Low VOC* Primer is a professionally preferred, low odor*, interior primer that combines easy application and exceptional hide. Quick drying and anti- spatter make CalPro Low VOC* Primer ideal … See More
ProPrime Drywall Primer No Sheen This rapid-drying primer makes a good first coat for surfaces that are porous or absorbent. See More
ProPrime PrimeTouch Primer & Sealer No Sheen Prime Touch Acrylic Latex Primer & Sealer is a high-hiding professional interior primer-sealer for unpainted walls and ceilings that may be porous or absorbent. This quick drying product makes an … See More