California Paints’ 2012/13 Trend Book Creates the Perfect Balance: Embracing the Future while Honoring the Past

With over 80 years experience in the world of paint and color, California Paints has partnered with the international color trend authority Global Color Research, the publishing house of Mix publications, to present a unique and inspirational perspective on color trend forecasting.
Timeless Trends 2012/2013 by California Paints showcases the best combinations in trend and traditional colors. Color trends move and change each year based on infinite global influences. However, there are also those everlasting and classic colors that stand the test of time. Merging these opposing ideas is the inspiration for Timeless Trends 2012/2013.

With Global Color Research, Mix publications creates color trend stories used as the inspiration for the color forecast and California Paints has complimented each of four palettes with companion shades of classic ageless colors. The result is the perfect balance of old and new, trend and tradition, fashion and style.

Coastline Palette: Colors inspired by water, beach, maritime and all things coastal.  However, the Coastal palette doesn’t only feature colors reflective of a day at the beach. In this palette, you will find the colors of cool water, weather beaten wood, tumbled rocks, as well as shades from the maritime industry.

Phoenix Palette: Colors inspired by fire, smoke, heat, and things that smolder.  Bursting with autumnal tones, the Phoenix palette showcases nature’s vivid display of color. Nature’s fury can be distressing yet beautiful. In this palette you will find the colors of smoky gray, charred black and flames of red and yellow.

Reminisce Palette: Colors inspired by the past, memories, nostalgia and all things vintage.  Reminisce is a softer palette that whispers to the past, but with a modernized twist. In this palette, you will find colors inspired by antique jewelry and lace, china patterns, aged furniture and faded photos.

Pop Tech Palette: Colors inspired by today’s obsession with technology. It seems we live straddled between the virtual and the real worlds. Computer screens, televisions and hand held devices offer crystal clear imagery with vibrant bursts of color. The lively tones of Pop Tech showcase today’s norm of heavy color saturation.

Design of all kinds benefits from the merger of old and new ideas. We hope you find this color collection unique, inspiring and the perfect balance of embracing the future while honoring the past.

Timeless Trends 2012/13 will be available in March 2012 through California Paints.

Historic Collection

California Paints is known as the paint industry’s historic color authority. Dedicated to providing authentic and documented historic colors from the 1600s to 1985, California Paints offers 279 distinct shades featured in two historic color collections. Each color has been fully verified by the archivists and historians at Historic New England, the oldest historic preservation society in the United States.

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