Before You Begin

Right Paint

Choosing the Right Type of Paint »

Many factors determine the type of paint that you should use on any given paint job, including the nature of the surface you want to paint and its condition.  Learn how to choose the right paint for your project.

Color Selection

Color Selection »

Clearly the most personal decision involved in any interior or exterior painting project is the color of paint to apply.  Follow your instincts when selecting paint color, but a little guidance can help.

Estimating Paint

Estimating the Required Paint Amount »

Many factors are involved when determining paint quantities.  It is always better to buy a little more paint than you think you will need to avoid running out for more before the job is done.

Selecting Painting Tools

Selecting Painting Tools »

To get the biggest pay back from your investment in quality paint, make sure that you apply your paint and coatings with high quality application equipment.

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