Blue is calming. A color found often in nature, blue has the soothing effects of a cloudless sky or tranquil sea. Universally liked by many, blue holds many different cultural meanings. In the US, blue can convey confidence and authority and is used in many uniforms for military and police. It is at times a corporate color communicating feelings of stability and conservatism. In many parts of Asia, blue is identified as a calming Water Color through Feng Shui, the complex body of knowledge that revels ways to balance the energies of the environment to assure health and good fortune. Blue is a holy color for the Jewish faith. Blue is considered the safest global color. When painting and decorating with blue, keep its calming influence in mind. Blue is a great color to use in bedrooms or sitting rooms. Blue is also a versatile color and can be used in many unique design schemes. Blue with yellow can provide a sharp contrast and grab attention. Blue used with green can recall the serenity of the ocean. Dark blue and white can be fresh and crisp.    


Popular Blue Paint Colors: