Color Collections

Perfect Palette »

Based on scientific color mapping, the Perfect Palette offers 1696 useable colors spanning the color wheel.  In a blind study, interior designers and color stylists rated the Perfect Palette #1 when compared to the most well known color palettes in the industry.

Historic Colors of America »

Designed in collaboration with Historic New England, the Historic Colors of America offers 149 authentic colors used from the 1600s to 1895.  Each historically verified color was used in each of the following American architectural eras:  Colonial, Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian.

20th Century Colors of America »

Designed in collaboration with Historic New England, the 20th Century Colors of America offers 130 authentic colors used from 1900 to 1985.  Each color in the palette has a documented color biography detailing its historical use in America.  Organized by Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, Mid-Century Modern and Post Modern architectural styles.

Designer Palettes »

Not sure of what colors work together?  California Paints' Desiger Palettes feature the work of 31 professional interior designers and color stylists.  When choosing from this palette, your project will be professionally color coordinated, eliminating the guess work..

Timeless Trend Palettes »

Timeless Trends showcases the best combinations in Trend and Traditions colors. Color trends move and change each year based on infinite global influences. However, there are also those everlasting and classic colors that stand the test of time. Merging these opposing ideas creates a unique color collection.