Exterior Paints - Alkyd

 Fres~Coat Alkyd

Fres~Coat Alkyd »

This is the finest quality rust inhibitive, smooth flowing, all purpose alkyd enamel available. Fres~Coat Alkyd provides resistance to mechanical damage from abuse and abrasion.  It is well suited to high wear areas and provides a durable finish that covers most surfaces in one coat.


NexTech - Dual Dispersion Technology »

NexTech Waterborne Enamel is an alkyd dispersion: the next step in waterborne technology. It incorporates all of the positive attributes of alkyd/oil based paints with the benefit of soap and water cleanup, extremely low VOCs and almost no odor.

Everlife Urethane Enamel

Everlife Urethane Enamel »

Everlife Enamel is a premium quality choice for any interior or exterior project requiring a tough and durable high gloss finish.  Everlife Urethane Enamel provides a rust inhibitive finish to metal substrates including heavy use equipment and machinery.  It is also suitable for steps, landings and decks.