Exterior Products

Exterior Paint »

Our exterior paints hold the highest reputation for quality in the paint industry. Consistently rated #1 by an independent national study, our exterior house paints provide the best in performance and resilience.

Storm System »

Storm System is here to change the exterior finishes landscape forever. Designed to strip away confusion and replace it with simple language and visual cues we all understand, Storm System makes choosing exactly the right finish for your job easier than ever. And with each Storm System category comprised of only best-in-class formulations, you can rest assured no matter what you choose, you will be getting one of the most beautiful, long-lasting finishes available.

Exterior Primers »

Surface preparation is essential for topcoats to adhere and perform properly. Select from our wide range of primers, sealers and undercoaters all formulated with exceptional performance in mind.

Exterior Enamels »

Enamels provide a long lasting and diamond hard finish.  When your exterior projects require extra durability, look to the specially formulated enamels from California Paints.

Exterior Porch & Floor »

California Paints has taken our Rated #1 exterior technology and adapted it for porch and floor applications.  These products are specially formulated to with stand heavy traffic and repeated wear.