Post Modern

This pale, baby blue comes from a 1960s interior paint. Originally offered only as a custom mix of two pre-mixed shades, this color (probably intended primarily for the bedroom, bath or kitchen) reflects the limited range of custom tints available to consumers before modern in-store custom paint mixing became standard. During the 1960s a new structural system for skyscrapers was developed by structural engineer Fazlur Khan. With greater economy efficiency, skyscrapers were appearing more frequently. During the early 1970s, every architect wanted to have the biggest and tallest building in the world. The most noteworthy buildings of the time were John Hancock Center in Boston, Sears Tower in Chicago, and the World Trade Center towers in New York City.

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Color Schemes with Skyscraper :

Century Beige
Stainless Steel
Citadel Blue
Saxon Blue
Hitching Post

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