1940-1960 Mid-Century Modern
1960-1980 Post Modern

This deep cream, almost the color of cake batter, is ideal for both interior and exterior use and has remained a standard throughout the century. It is a classic in the 20th-century kitchen, where it was found on painted handles of kitchen utensils and mixing bowls as well as on the walls where, in a high gloss enamel, it provided a washable surface seen as more sanitary than some other finishes. The color also works well as a body color for a white-painted traditional home as pre-modern whites typically had a creamy appearance. The iconic 1942 film Casablanca, was not a box office hit when it was first released. After winning the Academy Award for Best Picture that same year, the film's popularity began to build.

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Color Schemes with Casablanca:

University Square
York Bisque
Sayward Pine

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