Mid-Century Modern

A 1951 wallpaper was the inspiration for this color. The use of deep saturated colors was a hallmark of post-war interior decoration. In upholstery, flooring, drapes, and furnishings, as well as wall paints and coverings, dark jewel-toned colors appeared in bold and sophisticated patterns. Dark green was a favorite in hallways and living rooms, where lush, leafy jungle prints or splashy magnolia blooms might cover a sofa or picture window. Those of Jack Kerouac's "Beat Generation" were characterized as the anti-conformist youth of New York during the 1950s. Kerouac's beatniks are described in his own words as "down and out but full of intense conviction".

Please note: The paint colors views on this site are for general representation only. All colors look different when viewed on a computer monitor. To view the actual color card please contact your local dealer.

Color Schemes with Beatnik:

Parlor Shade
Precious Stone
Neutral Era
Green Glass
Post War White

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