About Us

California Paints is a division of the California Products Corporation, an innovative manufacturer of quality paints, coatings, and sports surfacing systems. The company was originally founded in 1926 as a manufacturer of colored stuccos and interior plasters, which remained popular through the 1930's and 40's.

In the early 1950's, recognizing that oil paints of the day were prone to peeling and fading, California Products become a pioneer in the field of latex paints, working with the new acrylic emulsion binders that were being produced at the time. The company's paint line quickly expanded and the California name became synonymous with technical prowess and unsurpassed service.

In the 1970's and 80's, California Paints made numerous acquisitions- The Carmote Paint Company, Wilbur & Williams High Performance Coatings, Ox-Line Paint, and the Colorize Paint Division of Grow Group, Inc - which doubled the company's dealer base and annual paint sales. In 1979 California Paints introduced the Storm Stain line, an entire suite of superior wood stains and finishes that quickly added to California Paints' increasing consumer acclaim.

Striving to continuously satisfy the customer, California Paints sells exclusively through independent dealers. The independent dealer is an expert, quality-oriented purveyor of paints, best suited to helping customers create beautiful environments with California's paint and stain products.

Today, California Paints continues to blaze a trail in the paint industry. We are one of the rare paint companies that base all of our premium paint lines on 100% Acrylic latex technology. Our innovative spirit and cutting-edge manufacturing process enables us to create one groundbreaking coating after another. Rigorous lab testing and a consistent #1 rating year after year by an independent national study, demonstrate that California Paints and Storm System exterior wood finishes establish the industry benchmark for product excellence and customer appreciation