Trillion Super Strength Colorant 

What is Trillion?

Trillion is the only super strength colorant tinting system. Trillion's super strength intensity provides more opaque and enriched color than other tinting systems.

How is Trillion different than other colorants?

Trillion is the only colorant system in the Western Hemisphere that has 3.5 to 4 times the strength of conventional colorants and vastly improves paint performance. It is exclusively available from California Paints.

Does the final coat of California Paints perform better when tinted with Trillion?

Yes. Trillion's super strength intensity means less colorant is used to achieve the desired color. This allows the paint's original features to perform as intended. Other colorant systems require the use of more colorant, which can alter the defining characteristics of the paint. 

Trillion vs Conventional Colorant


What are the specific performance benefits Trillion provides?

California Paints tinted with Trillion have superior coverage and increased color saturation. The finished coat will showcase: increased opacity, superior color retention, enhanced scrub resistance, improved resistance to water spotting, greater burnish resistance, and better blocking resistance.

How does Trillion offer all of these benefits?

Trillion is manufactured specifically for California Paints using exclusive European technology. The formulation of Trillion utilizes ingredients that do not detract from our paint chemistry, but enhance it. Any coating tinted with Trillion will perform better than the same coating tinted with another system.

Does Trillion add VOCs to the paint being tinted?

No. Trillion allows you to achieve any color without adding VOCs.  See the VOC comparison chart below.

Ounces of
Colorant Added

VOCs added
Traditional Colorant

VOCs added
Trillion Colorant

 2 ounces  25 g/L (average)  Zero g/L
 4 ounces  51 g/L (average)  Zero g/L
 8 ounces  106 g/L (average)  Zero g/L
 12 ounces  175 g/L (average)  Zero g/L

Are there any California Paints' products that cannot be tinted with Trillion?

No. Trillion is a universal colorant that will provide superior color in both latex and alkyd products. Interior and exterior products of all quality ranges will showcase increased performance when tinted with Trillion.

Will tinting with Trillion cost me more?

No. California Paints has extensively analyzed the competitive colorant market place. Research on base structures, percentage of bases used, average ounces of colorant used, and average cost per ounce on competitive colorants, shows that Trillion offers exceptional color performance without increasing the average cost per tint.

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