Color Tools

Color Tools »

California Paints offers the best in color innovation and technology.  Our color tools are designed for professional use and easy color specification.  Whether you are looking for timeless classics or undiscovered trends, you will easily find paint colors to suit any taste. 

Replacement color chips

Color Chips »

Fill out our electronic form to order your complementary replacement chips. Color chips are available for Perfect Palette, Historic Colors of America, and 20th Century Colors of America.

Designer Palette

Designer Palettes »

Wonder how your peers in the industry choose color?  California Paints' Desiger Palettes feature the work of 31 professional interior designers and color stylists.  Our next designer gallery could feature you. 

Trend Palette

Trend Palettes »

Color trends move and change each year based on infinite global influences. However, there are also those everlasting and classic colors that stand the test of time.  Timeless Trends is the perfect balance of old and new, trend and tradition, fashion and style.


Trillion Super Strength Colorant »

Almost all paint colors are tinted at the point of purchase.  Learn why California Paints tinted with Trillion have superior coverage, increased color saturation and better performance.