Green Products

Flawless Elements Zero VOC

Flawless Elements - Zero VOC »

Flawless Elements Zero VOC is an environmentally preferred, premium quality, 100% acrylic interior paint that provides flawless application and exceptional durability with essentially no odor during and after painting.  Includes Microban antimicrobial protection and is GREEN WISE certified.
 Calpro Zero

CalPro Zero- Professional Zero VOC »

The professional's choice for interior latex value and supreme quality with zero VOCs. Rooms and offices painted with CalPro Zero paint can be occupied right away without a compromise to healthy indoor air quality. High hiding and durable, this product dries to an attractive smooth finish that is washable and provides a uniform appearance

Envirotech - Zero VOC

Envirotech - Zero VOC »

Envirotech is a commercial grade, environmentally preferred, acrylic interior paint with essentially no odor. The acrylic latex formulation is smooth flowing with excellent application characteristics.  It is the perfect finish for high use areas such as kitchens, baths, and corridors, as well as public buildings and institutions.

Super Scrub - Ceramic Waterborne Technology

Super Scrub - Ceramic Waterborne Technology »

With 100% acrylic ceramic waterborne technology, Super Scrub offers unsurpassed performance. Superior scrubbability allows for stain removal from all sheens, and the innovative formulation provides exceptional stain resistance and lasting durability.

Fres~Coat UNITE - Paint & Primer in One

Fres~Coat UNITE - Paint & Primer in One »

Incorporating exclusive resin technology, UNITE provides maximum coverage using fewer coats.  The state-of-the-art formula provides trouble-free application, outstanding coverage and uniformity across all finishes.

Pacific - Advanced Molecular Technology

Pacific - Advanced Molecular Technology »

An affordable value, Pacific offers the durable finish similar to paints sold at a much higher price.   With excellent sealing and adhesion, Pacific delivers a durable and long-lasting finish.

CalPro 2000 Series

CalPro 2000 Series - The Professional's Choice »

The professional's perfect choice for interior latex value and supreme quality. Exclusive resins provide a smooth flowing, washable finish with unsurpassed application.  With outstanding touch-up properties, CalPro is an ideal choice for any residential or commercial interior application. 

NexTech - Dual Dispersion Technology

NexTech - Dual Dispersion Technology »

NexTech Waterborne Enamel is an alkyd dispersion: the next step in waterborne technology. It incorporates all of the positive attributes of alkyd/oil based paints with the benefit of soap and water cleanup, extremely low VOCs and almost no odor.