Interior Contemporary Living

by Beth Burns

 Stainless Steel  Preserve  Modern White
Stainless Steel 20C  Preserve DEA193 Modern White 20C 

What inspired this color combination?

URBAN UNEXPECTED: On a visit to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California, I was struck by how the massive gray and buff colored rock walls and formations turned purple as the sun began setting. With grays vying with browns as go-to neutrals these days, I wanted to create a modern and crisp, yet still inviting palette.



Where would you use your color combination?

This color scheme would work in a variety of spaces: a living room, bedroom, study or even reversed (dark walls) in a media room.

How would you use each color?

Stainless Steel - for all or most walls and Modern White - trim and ceiling

DEA193 Preserve - if there's a chunky fireplace surround, pillar, two- or three-sided wall "block" or other truly logical location for an accent color, consider this rich purple for strong contrast.  Just don't create an accent wall for accent wall's sake.  You can use this color for pillows, other accessories or a piece of upholstered furniture.  And consider reversing the color scheme in a media room for uber dark walls.